Website Design

Sunray custom websites are a cost effective option for creating or updating your online presence. In todays need it now world, updating your web presence to keep up is an important part of your business presence. What we do is help you keep up – without having to blow your budget. Our focus is on making your website speak to your clients, while giving them the core information they need about you. We can do simple or complex designs – single page or dozens of pages, whatever fits your needs. 
Is Your Website Working?

What does your website do for you?  Does it generate business? Does it help your clients? Does it work?

Its our job to help you answer these questions and to give you a solution that works best for you. Our focus is getting you exactly what you need – without pushing you into something you don’t. Most business owners pay 30- to-50% more than they have to for website development, and the add on fees for extra services are significant. 


A Simple Plan of Action

When you work with us, we work with you to develop a simple and effective plan of action for your online presence. Our process involves a few simple steps:

  1. We will examine your existing online presence and how it fits your business and your marketing goals.
  2. We talk to you about your goals for marketing your business – both online and otherwise.
  3. We give you an overview of what we think will work for you and your business goals.
  4. We will give you a roadmap to your website design and work out a timeline and structure that works for you. 
  5. Then we get it done.